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The Amazing Race Of ArabiaThe Amazing Race : Se...

The Amazing Race will be celebrating its 400th episode this season, its 34th. What does the longevity of the show say about the program, and did you have any idea when it started that it would be so successful. Yes, 400 episodes. The other day I was thinking about the fact that I have spent more than a year of my life greeting teams at the most iconic locations on earth. In front of the seven wonders of the world and historic buildings that I used to marvel over in books when I was a kid. The longevity of Race is a fantastic format from Bertram and Elise (show co-creators and producers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri), the amazing places that we get to go to and amazing faces. Amazing people who literally write our script every episode. I love to say that luck is the residue of design, put the right people in the right place to do amazing things, and you increase your chances of things going right.

The Amazing Race of ArabiaThe Amazing Race : Se...

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Fernando Alonso and Marc Coma shone as the second fastest TOYOTA GAZOO Racing crew on the stage, posting the fourth best time and losing just 3min 25sec to Nasser and Mathieu. The pair were just 25 seconds behind their teammates at the first waypoint but suffered a puncture mid-stage, which saw them drop some time. Fernando and Marc finished in 13th place overall, 4hrs 42min 47sec behind the race winners. After losing more than two hours on the second stage, they pushed themselves and their Toyota Hilux to the limits over the following stages and improved to 10th place overall before a roll on Stage 10 put a Top 10 finish out of reach.

Schumacher crashed Saturday and was airlifted to a hospital for further examination before returning to his hotel. Haas F1 ruled Schumacher out of the race Sunday and the American team said it would field just one car.

F1 has been heavily scrutinized for continuing its race weekend following an attack by rebels on a nearby oil depot. The attack during the first practice Friday could be heard at the track and smoke could be seen billowing in the background of the circuit.

Sunday will mark the second time in three F1 races that Haas has been down to just one car. Nikita Mazepin missed the season finale last year when he tested positive for COVID-19 the morning of the race. Mazepin has been replaced this year by Kevin Magnussen, who will start 10th on Sunday.

Haas reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi is in Saudi Arabia but, just as was the case in Abu Dhabi last December when Mazepin was ruled out, he was not eligible to get in the car so late in the race weekend.

Rome looked to the region for frankincense and myrrh, which were essential to its funeral practices. Early in the 7th century Afro-Asia was united under Islam. Zealous Muslim warriors then exploded outward, creating an Arabic-speaking empire that stretched from Central Asia across North Africa to the Iberian Peninsula. This Arabian awakening led to the creation of a vastly more populous Islamic domain, which in 637 embraced Iran and, in time, much of sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia.

"When you race for a manufacturer like Mercedes, they've been so dominant in everything they enter but Formula E is different - it's not straightforward," said the Belgian. "We managed to win both championships last year with Nick [de Vries] and this year was my turn. After last year, I had that down moment in London that took me out of the championship. So, this year I turned up and I didn't want to leave anything on the table. Nothing. And that's what I did all season - gave it my all and controlled it when I had to."There was only one victory, but the consistency we showed this year has been impressive, partly helped by the Groups and Duels qualifying system. I think it helped the most consistent drivers excel and it took away a little bit of the randomness. We had a beautiful story this season - the four of us got cut down to three and then the final two - myself and Mitch."

With a strong car and team behind him, Vandoorne had all the ingredients to make his fourth Formula E campaign a roaring success. Starting with his most important tool - his car. The Mercedes-EQ powertrain dominated the field in Season 8, with either the Mercedes factory outfit or Mercedes-powered ROKiT Venturi Racing Silver Arrow 02s delivering 50 percent of the race wins over the course of the season.

"It's been an incredible year. We built it from Saudi with a pole position and second place in Round 1, then I had a more difficult day two, but then I had a really good comeback race. I was on pole again and in Rome and I had two good results there. Obviously, Mitch then started to really turn up the heat with two victories but then, our time came in Monaco," recalled Vandoorne.

"I'm super proud to have ticked that one off. Monaco is one of those races that everyone just wants to win, and everyone wants to have it on their on their CV. So I'm very proud of that one. From then on, we never really looked back - I've been very consistent since, always qualifying at the front. But even on the days where it was more difficult, that's where I managed to recover - those were the key moments."

With only one race win to his name this season, Vandoorne cites consistency but also his damage limitation efforts in Berlin Rounds 7 & 8, when he made it up from eighth to finish third in both races, locking in a healthy pot of points mid-season against the odds.

"I think if there's one race where you know that that jumps in my mind there's Berlin, Round 7. I dropped back to 12th on lap one and a few laps from the end, I was still fighting for the victory. So you know, those moments, they made the championship," he admitted.

Verstappen's first title was won in last year's season finale at Abu Dhabi, where seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton dominated the race until a late caution. It was then that race control set in motion an unprecedented sequence of events when since-fired race director Michael Masi allowed for a late restart.

Verstappen passed Hamilton to win the race and his first championship, but Mercedes disputed the way the race ended and the teams argued with the FIA for hours before Verstappen was finally, officially, named champion and able to celebrate.

In Suzuka, Verstappen started from the pole in pouring rain only for the race to be stopped after two laps as several cars crashed. The race resumed two hours later, but only 28 of the 53 laps were completed and Verstappen led the entire way.

The Belgian Grand Prix a year ago was not completed in the rain and F1 for the sixth time in history awarded only half points for that shortened event. So nearly all the teams figured Sunday's race was only going to be worth half points again.

The entire paddock seemed surprised when the FIA then ruled full points would be awarded. But even that wasn't enough: Leclerc received a post-race penalty that dropped the Ferrari driver from second to third and officially gave Verstappen the points margin needed to clinch the title with four races remaining.

Pierre Gasly complained on his radio that he passed a recovery vehicle that was improperly on the track as the safety car emerged just as the race was red-flagged. It triggered rage throughout the paddock because in 2014, French driver Jules Bianchi collided with a recovery vehicle on the Suzuka track. Bianchi was placed in an induced coma and died nine months later, and he was one of Gasly's closest friends.

Verstappen has racing is his blood. His father, Jos Verstappen, ran more than 100 races in F1, but failed to ever win. The elder Verstappen was once a teammate of Schumacher with Benetton for part of the 1994 season.

Verstappen, who was born in Belgium and learned racing there, drives under the flag of the Netherlands, where after school each day he'd cross the border to his father's race shop and work on becoming a future F1 champion.

"The perceptions of women back when I was running - amazingly enough just 53 years ago - were that you were going to get big legs, grow hair on your chest, your uterus was going to fall out," she told Sky Sports News.

In 1966, Bobbi Gibb was the first woman to run and complete the Boston Marathon but the 23-year-old hid in a bush near the marathon start line and disguised herself in a hoodie after she was disqualified from officially entering the race because of her gender.

"Then came the beep-beep of the press truck and when it went by us, all the photographers at the back of the truck saw that I was a woman and wearing bib number 261 and kept filming me, and shouting at me: 'What are you doing in the race? What are you trying to prove?' I thought that was really strange.

"He had a reputation for being very feisty. Also, the journalists on the bus were teasing him, saying that there's a girl in your race and he lost his temper. He had a short fuse anyway but he jumped off this bus and ran after me.

"He ran up behind me, and I heard his leather shoes at the last minute - you can hear the difference - and when I turned, this fierce face was right in my face and he screamed at me and said: 'Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!' And he's ripping at my numbers and trying to pull them off.

"I just couldn't understand why he (Semple) was so angry and then I thought maybe I had done something wrong. But at that moment, I got really angry myself, which was great because I turned to my coach and I said, 'I'm going to finish this race on my hands and knees if I have to.'

"And I suddenly realised that is what they were trying to make me do, they were going to try to throw me out of the race to prove that I couldn't do it. Well, I knew I could do it - I had run 31 miles in practice!"

After the race, Switzer said she received plenty of hate mail but also a lot of fan mail. She decided to throw out the negative comments and keep the positive ones as inspiration to keep campaigning for change.

"Meaning if Jock Semple is going to welcome Kathrine Switzer into his race, times have truly changed. So we became really good friends. He didn't say, 'Look, I'm really sorry I did that.' That's OK. That was enough for me." 041b061a72


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