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Watch Omar Mukhtar: The Lion of the Desert in Tamil HD for Free

vishwaroopam/vishwaroop directed by kamal haasan produced by chandra haasan kamal haasan written by kamal haasan atul tiwari starring kamal haasan shekhar kapur rahul bose pooja kumar andrea jeremiah jaideep ahlawat music by shankar-ehsaan-loy edited by mahesh narayan cinematography sanu varghese production company raaj kamal films international distributed by pvp cinemabalaji motion pictures release date 25january2013(2013-01-25) (in tamil and telugu: worldwide except tamil nadu [1] ) 1february2013(2013-02-01) (hindi version) 7february2013(2013-02-07) (tamil nadu [2] ) running time 150 minutes [3] language tamil hindi hindi country india budget template:inr [4] template:inr [4] [5] read the transcript trailer transcripts credits home media soundtrack production trivia gallery trailer quotes transcript awards voice cast plot description [ source ]

Omar Mukhtar Movie In Tamil In Hd

wisam and omar both fall in love with the same woman, a psychiatrist, and they head to the west in different directions. they meet at a boarding school in washington, dc. omar wonders if the cia is onto him. in new york, he loses the goods from the foiled bombing. during the cia's subsequent manhunt, omar runs into trouble with avenge salim. he and his men are caught but salim escapes. wisam is arrested by the fbi but rescues himself, with the help of omar. the latter also learns from the american soldiers that there is a covert war going on in east asia and that a nuclear bomb was made and is ready for detonation in new york. wisam and his team head to pakistan with the goal of finding what they need to make a bomb. over a meal, omar gives wisam an ultimatum - either he leaves al qaeda or he dies. when wisam tries to escape in a jeep, he is shot in the neck by salim who believes that wisam has informed the fbi. salim convinces one of the american soldiers that omar was involved in the plot. salim is then killed by the american soldiers in a shootout, leaving the army baffled as to what has happened. omar escapes to libya. us authorities get a list of possible al qaeda trainers, and send e-mails to everyone but to zero results. the movie is narrated by wisam.


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