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Julius Kondratyev
Julius Kondratyev

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Despite the excellent characterization of much of the bacterial chemotaxis network, very little is known about the sizes of receptor signaling teams, which are difficult to resolve by fluorescence or electron microscopy. However, receptor methylation has been observed to affect polar clustering slightly. Receptor clusters are relatively stable, as demonstrated for polar clusters using fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (Schulmeister et al, 2008) and for trimers of dimers (Studdert and Parkinson, 2005) using crosslinking experiments. However, there is some evidence that demethylation or attractant binding decreases the stability of polar receptor clusters (Shrout et al, 2003; Homma et al, 2004; Lamanna et al, 2005; Vaknin and Berg, 2006), although the effects on the size of the polar and lateral clusters appear to be minor or none (Lybarger and Maddock, 1999; Liberman et al, 2004; Lybarger et al, 2005; Shiomi et al, 2005). In vitro, receptor cooperativity has been observed to increase with receptor modification (Li and Weis, 2000), but such an increase in cooperativity is expected with increasing activity even for fixed-size signaling teams (see Box 1; Keymer et al, 2006).

Cher - The Very Best Of 1965 - 2003



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