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Julius Kondratyev
Julius Kondratyev

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Eso suponía. Porque la instalación iba perfecta hasta que tuve que abrirlo y me pone problemas con las voces. He hecho hasta malabares para instalar las voces y que las reconozca... Una lástima que yo no pueda usar vocaloid por tener este computador u.u

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Pues, hay 3 vocaloids españoles hasta ahora, es lo más cercano que hay a lo que tu pides.Son Clara y Bruno (vienen juntos) y también Maika.Creo que no te debería costar mucho encontrarlos aquí.

Illegal versions of the software were also commonplace for VOCALOID. The software was easy to crack by pirating teams and every voicebank was cracked at some point after release. It was also discovered that most popular keygens worked with it. There was very little service differences between the legal and illegal versions aside from a lack of technical support from studios, although the software ReWire function may not work as well as the legal version.


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