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Auto Answer Callback V2.8 [Ad-free ((LINK))] [Latest]

Apple iPhones do not include an auto-answer feature. The AutoAnswer app is available from Cydia only for jailbroken iPhones. Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you access to programs not approved for the Apple App Store; it's legal, but it voids your warranty with Apple. AutoAnswer is useful for those times when your hands are full and you have an important call coming in. On the other hand, you don't want the app to run constantly, because it could answer the iPhone when you don't want it to, such as when you're in the middle of a business meeting.

Auto answer callback v2.8 [Ad-Free] [Latest]

While we recommend against running the script from a cron job, a suggested cron interval would be perhaps every 30 minutes. Repeated configuration can be easily handled by scheduling in Tower, so the primary use of callbacks by most users is to enable a base image that is bootstrapped into the latest configuration upon coming online. To do so, running at first boot is a better practice. First boot scripts are just simple init scripts that typically self-delete, so you would set up an init script that called a copy of the script and make that into an autoscaling image.

Callbacks are most easily described in terms of the telephone system. A function call is analogous to calling someone on a telephone, asking her a question, getting an answer, and hanging up; adding a callback changes the analogy so that after asking her a question, you also give her your name and number so she can call you back with the answer.

The simple answer to this question is that a callback function is a function that is called through a function pointer. If you pass the pointer (address) of a function as an argument to another, when that pointer is used to call the function it points to it is said that a call back is made


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