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Openstack For Architects Downloads 32

The clouds.yaml file obtained previously must be prepared in this instance. For this demonstration, we'll save it to /.config/openstack/clouds.yaml. We will have to copy the contents of clouds.yaml that we downloaded to our machine from Horizon and store it as /.config/openstack/clouds.yaml.

Openstack for Architects downloads 32


When using OpenStackClient, there is typically a common command pattern for what you want to accomplish. All openstack commands begin with openstack. You can execute openstack by itself to enter into a shell, where commands no longer need to be prefixed by openstack:

It is very common when using OpenStackClient to list items and the command form is typically openstack list. For example, openstack server list, lists all servers for the currently configured project.

Furthermore, more information about an item can be found by typically running openstack show . For example, openstack server show Jumpstation shows the details about the instance named Jumpstation.


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