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The Raavan Movie Download In Hindi 720p

The Raavan Movie in Hindi 720p

Raavan is a 2010 Hindi thriller movie directed by Mani Ratnam and starring Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Vikram. The movie is a modern-day adaptation of the Ramayana epic, where Raavan is a bandit leader who kidnaps the wife of a police officer, Ram. The movie explores the themes of love, loyalty, justice and revenge in a complex and nuanced way.

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Plot Summary

The movie begins with Raavan (Abhishek Bachchan) and his gang attacking a police convoy and killing several officers. Raavan is the leader of a group of tribal people who are oppressed by the corrupt police and politicians. He is also in love with his sister-in-law Jamunia (Priyamani), who is married to his brother Mangal (Ravi Kishan).

Ram (Vikram) is a police officer who is transferred to the area to capture Raavan. He is married to Ragini (Aishwarya Rai), a classical dancer. Ram and Ragini move to a forest lodge near the river, where they are attacked by Raavan's men. Raavan kidnaps Ragini and takes her to his hideout in the jungle.

Ram launches a massive search operation to rescue Ragini, with the help of a forest guard Sanjeevani (Govinda) and a local inspector Hemant (Nikhil Dwivedi). Meanwhile, Ragini tries to escape from Raavan's clutches, but gradually develops a bond with him. She learns that Raavan is not a ruthless criminal, but a victim of injustice and oppression. She also discovers that Ram has a dark past, where he killed Raavan's sister and brother-in-law in a fake encounter.

Raavan decides to release Ragini on the 14th day of her captivity, as he believes that she is his lucky charm. However, he is betrayed by one of his men, who informs Ram about his location. Ram arrives at the spot with his forces and confronts Raavan. A fierce battle ensues between the two sides, where Raavan kills Mangal for siding with Ram. Ragini tries to stop the violence and reveals that she loves Raavan. Ram shoots Raavan in the chest, but Ragini jumps in front of him and takes the bullet. Raavan falls into the river with Ragini in his arms, while Ram watches helplessly.

Cast and Crew




Abhishek Bachchan


Aishwarya Rai






Ravi Kishan




Nikhil Dwivedi

The movie was directed by Mani Ratnam, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Vijay Krishna Acharya. The music was composed by A.R. Rahman, while the cinematography was done by Santosh Sivan and V. Manikandan. The movie was produced by Mani Ratnam, Sharada Trilok and Ronnie Screwvala under the banners of Madras Talkies and UTV Motion Pictures.

Critical Reception and Box Office Performance

The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the movie for its visual appeal, performances and music, while others criticized it for its weak script, editing and direction. The movie was also compared unfavorably with its Tamil version, which had a different cast and crew.

The movie was released on June 18, 2010 in India and overseas. It had a budget of 300 million and collected 590 million at the worldwide box office, making it a commercial failure. The movie was also nominated for several awards, but did not win any major ones.

Where to Watch the Movie Online

If you are interested in watching the movie online, you can stream it on [Disney+ Hotstar], where it is available in Hindi with English subtitles. You can also watch the trailer of the movie on [IMDb].

Alternatively, you can also watch the Bengali remake of the movie, which was released in 2022 and starred Jeet, Lahoma Bhattacharya and Tanushree Chakraborty. The Bengali version was directed by M.N. Rajh and had a different plot and setting. You can find more details about the Bengali version on [IMDb] as well.

Hope this article helps you to know more about the Raavan movie in Hindi 720p. Enjoy watching!


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