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Julius Kondratyev

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From andrewjmack (02:40:39):First of all, thank you for the coverage. I appreciate it. It was great. And it was really good to see my cover. I hope, just to see the track. And you know, I've got to say I don't remember what that was like. Our first one, which was not that long ago, the first one, was with a really old hardware. I'll think it was the first time that Josh and I have actually taken the headphones off the audio out of the laptop. And the idea was that we would take them off and just use the amp like a guitar amp and just play the guitar, which is crazy, I think it was over ten, fifteen, it wasn't a lot. And we did a few, but we couldn't record it, but we did the reveal at that video. And we were really new to that. And I think one of the reasons why we did that is I think we were trying to hit an aural wall. You know, we were trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, what to talk about, right? And where to take it, where to bring it. But you know, we hit an aural wall. But after that first one, we did a couple more things like that at WIRED. And I think, you know, because we were in New York City, and it was kind of like we were on the river. I was so careful about this thing. I just loved it so much. And we just kind of went. I just had a guitar in a backpack and, you know, boom. And then in one of the later ones, we brought a full band, which was you know, against all advice. And they were kind of telling us we should just get a crazy mic for the last one. And it would really mess that up. I think I made a lot of mistakes with those things, but I think they were worth it.

720p dual audio movies Love Guru

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