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Buy Cheap Golf Clubs Online

SEARCH ALL Used GOLF CLUBS FROM ALL BRANDS What condition are your used clubs? We have every type of club you can imagine. From affordable golf clubs for those on a budget, mint golf clubs, and many used golf clubs with light cosmetic wear. You decide what you want. Whether you are just getting into the game or the seasoned vet trying to score a great deal, we have it. 2nd Swing Golf has the largest selection of used golf clubs in the world so why shop anywhere else?

buy cheap golf clubs online

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Yes! Golf package sets can be an excellent value option for anyone new to the game. They can also be a great option for any junior players starting out on their golfing journey. The best package sets tend to include a set of (usually) forgiving golf clubs that can help players develop their skills, but enjoy playing the game. While we perhaps would advise single figure handicappers to steer clear of them, they are an excellent option for any less experienced player.

That depends on your budget, experience level and what you want to achieve in the sport. For those just dipping their toes in and are looking for a cheap set of clubs to get them around the course, perhaps once a month with friends, then a package set is an excellent option to go for. Many players fall into the trap of of buying expensive clubs too early on in their careers, so this is a great way to avoid that!

When you are first starting to get into the game of golf, the number of elements to buy can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to clubs. On the face of it you need a driver, a fairway wood or hybrid, some irons (opens in new tab), and a putter. If buying separately, that can be a lot of money. But one way around this is the package set (opens in new tab), which allows you to tick off all those boxes with one purchase. To sweeten the deal, you often get some kind of golf bag as well.

On the golf market, there are several brands that make high quality package sets and importantly, they come at different price points. If you want to spend a thousand dollars on a set like the TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite (opens in new tab), you can, but this guide is different because we have tested package sets at the opposite end of the price spectrum to try and find the best cheap golf club sets. Despite the cheap prices you will see below, the quality of clubs was surprising to us and the usability of them is worth mentioning as well because pretty much every club in the sets below has been designed for forgiveness (opens in new tab) and to help golfers out. Not to mention the quality of the bags cannot be overstated either.

First up in this cheap golf sets guide is a model from Strata which we recently put to the test. The set is comprised of driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, irons 6-PW, putter and a stand bag. The clubs are forgiving and easy to hit, and whilst they might not have the same premium look as Callaway's top end products, there's no debating the performance on offer. There's room to add to the set, specifically in the wedges department, which is where game improvers may want to consider a Callaway Mack Daddy CB (opens in new tab) wedge or two. It should be noted that the putter can be improved as well so a look at some of the models on our best cheap putters (opens in new tab) guide might be for the best.

A very impressive set that we think will suit any player beginning their golfing journey, the Wilson SGI Package Set is a stunning and easy to use set of clubs that comes in at the perfect value for anyone new to the game. Forgiveness is paramount for any beginner golfer and in this package there is tons of playability, distance and style on offer, akin to some of the best golf club sets for beginners (opens in new tab).

During our testing session on the course, we loved the performance on offer, which was very much what any beginner player would want. The sweet spots on the clubs are large and very forgiving, with each club framing the ball in a way that delivers confidence. The irons boast a low center of gravity which helps to deliver higher launch angles and help you drive the ball further. Plus the wedges boast thicker soles akin to many of the best golf wedges for beginners (opens in new tab), removing the chance of chunking your shot, thus making it very easy to get the ball up and out of harder bunkers. The best golf club sets for beginners need not be really expensive either, as the Wilson SGI set proves.

Affordable, high performing golf clubs can be quite difficult to come by, but Ram are breaking the mould with their latest package set, the Accubar Plus. Having put this to the test on the course, it is an excellent 11-piece set that is both lightweight but also delivers everything that a beginner golfer or someone learning the game could need. For a very value for money price, you'l get a 460cc driver, three wood, two hybrids and six irons (6-iron to SW). A black mallet-headed putter is also included and so is the lightweight Accubar golf bag that boasts some very comfy shoulder straps.

Visually, some of the best irons, best drivers and best golf wedges for beginners (opens in new tab) have a forgiving and confidence inspiring profile at address. And that's what we found with these clubs. Behind the ball the irons weren't too bulky and neither was the driver. But they were large and gave us the feeling that we had a lot of club to strike through on the golf ball. Sweet spots were also large on these clubs and the feel off the face was hot and offered solid distances too.

The Longridge Vector Plus set is an affordable package set that boasts some simple yet classy aesthetics and a very solid performance in the iron game. For less than half the price of one of the best golf drivers (opens in new tab), you'll get nine clubs and an excellent cart bag in this set. That is a lot, but what's more is that we found this to be a really high quality set, that we found offered a lot of forgiveness and playability when we took it out on the golf course.

The irons are fantastic, with a fairly thick top line but nothing too intrusive. We found them to launch high and were impressed with the forgiveness on offer. They look absolutely fine too and the feel is not too bad considering we were testing them up against forged blades (opens in new tab). If the set ended here we would think the value for money is right up there but it gets better because you get a forgiving mallet-style putter, as well as the choice of either a premium stand or cart bag. What's more, MacGregor offers 1" longer or shorter steel stand options with clubs, therefore making them suitable for taller and shorter golfers.

Having put this set to the test on the golf course, these clubs deliver excellent distance and forgiveness off the ground, but also help to make tee shots fly straight. Aesthetically, they look fantastic, with a glossy chrome finish across the irons that reminded us of the Callaway Big Bertha Irons. As for the putter, it does come in a blade orientation, and while some beginners may prefer to use a mallet putter, it boasts a very sleek aesthetic and handy alignment line on its top line, that will help with your accuracy. As this set costs a little more than some drivers do alone, there is excellent value to be had here, in what is easily one of the best golf sets for beginners (opens in new tab) out there.

For any budding junior golfer, there comes a time when it makes sense to invest in good quality golf equipment and, with this offering from Cleveland Golf, you get exactly that. Depending on your needs it features in three different package sizes - a small size that comes with three clubs (hybrid, 7-iron and putter), medium that comes with six clubs (driver, hybrid, 7 & 9-irons, wedge, putter and a large size with seven clubs (driver, hybrid, 7 to 9-iron, wedge, putter).

The first thing we noticed was the aesthetics, with the styling of the bag particularly impressing as a colorful and modern offering, akin to many of the best golf bags (opens in new tab) on the market, while the clubs themselves feature plenty of loft that helped us get the ball airborne. During our testing sessions, our kids particularly enjoyed how light the shafts were here, meaning you can produce faster club head speeds that enable you to hit the ball further. Cleveland have also added a very thoughtful touch, engraving the brand's logo in the centre of the face, giving the user a clear target to aim for. And as with the best Cleveland wedges (opens in new tab), these clubs boast a stunning level of quality that'll help your kids develop their golfing skills.

Are you a parent looking to get your kids into golf as early as possible? Well this could be the perfect golf set for you (opens in new tab)! It is important to integrate a correctly sized and weighted golf set as early as possible and the Inesis Kids Golf Kit aims to do just that. We took our kids out for a spin around the course, and the first thing we all loved was the bright and playful colorscheme featuring a 'Babeez Golf' bee dessign on the side of the bag. The black and yellow colors look great on the golf course and the clubs feel super lightweight thanks to their graphite shafts. That makes them very easy to pick up and swing while maintaining an excellent level of control.

We also like its range of junior golf sets, which come in different sizes according to age groups, plus there are plenty of left-handed options in the range. There are clubs for those as young as two, right up to those aged 13, and as well as package sets, individual clubs are available. not only that, but you can even have a bit of fun with different color options. Crucially, however, its designers have made them easy to use, so they have enlarged clubhead that offer plenty of forgiveness.

Regardless of how cheap a set is, you need to be aware of what comes in the set to make sure you have all bases covered. That's not just from a club standpoint, but some sets also come with bags, which may be more suitable for you if you're looking carry more equipment on the course. Depending on your club bag needs, do also check out our guides to the best golf stand bags (opens in new tab) and best golf cart bags (opens in new tab) for some inspiration. 041b061a72


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