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Julius Kondratyev

Buy One Get One Free Diamond Candles [EXCLUSIVE]

I have a Diamond Candle myself and also bought one for my mom. It was so exciting waiting for the golden ticket as I like to call it appear! We both got the $10 rings, but it was so exciting it didn't matter. The candles smell AMAZING and totally worth the money spent. I will def be buying more!

buy one get one free diamond candles

I love my Diamond Candles! I am so addicted to them! I received two from my DIL for Christmas and just brought one into my office for a reveal (as I call it when you get to the ring). I got a Claddagh as well with a purple stone in it. I love it. Now all of the girls want to buy them. I tell you, I could sell them at parties, but alas, they don't do the party circuit yet. Love the company, love the candles, LOVE the rings!

You can find Diamond Candles on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter, where lots of fans share their ring reveals. I was sent a free candle to aid in my review but it was NOT worth $5,000 and no other compensation was received.

Add some shimmer and shine to your event centerpieces with our antique silver diamond votive holders. Sold in a set of six, each piece features a diamond-like pattern around the outside that give the holders a textured appeal. The votive holders are made of glass with an antique silver mercury finish.Please note that these pieces should be wiped clean, not soaked. Do not use them with liquids, as this could damage the mercury finish.

The antique silver coloring of our diamond votive holders lends itself to vintage-inspired events. But don't be afraid to incorporate these lovely candle holders into other style schemes. We love the look of these candle holders at contemporary events and white winter weddings. Fill the holders with tea lights to cast your tablescapes in a warm glow, and add our coordinating antique silver hobnail vases to your centerpieces to complete the look.

Maybe you've missed it, but Baby Yoda is all the rage right now. From memes to crocheted dolls, the little green Jedi is taking over pop culture. Baby Yoda has stolen the hearts of pretty much everyone, and there seem to be a hundred products inspired by the character. Do you want a Baby Yoda t-shirt? You got it. A Baby Yoda Plush toy? Yup. How about a Baby Yoda diamond candle? Wait, what?

ForeverWick, the "more than a candle" candle company, has created a candle inspired by Baby Yoda with a hidden diamond inside. You might have seen these candles before, as they became really popular to gift to girlfriends, wives, and any other leading ladies in life. Each candle you buy from ForeverWick not only smells amazing but has a genuine diamond that could value up to $12,000! Surprisingly, the candles aren't as expensive as you might think. Right now they are running a sale where you can get one of their signature scents for just $39.00 (they normally run at $125).

Don't forget, this isn't just an ordinary candle. Not only is it a tribute to Baby Yoda, but it has a genuine diamond inside of it, ranging anywhere from 0.03 to 1.35 CT! The diamonds are conflict-free, which adds to the value of the product. So while you snuggle up to watch The Mandalorian, light this little guy and enjoy the 70-hour burn that you'll get with it. That's a lot of Netflix! If you're lucky, you'll get a diamond worth $12,000. 041b061a72


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