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Zemax Optic Studio Crack 29

Zemax OpticStudio 29: A Powerful Optical Design and Analysis Software

Zemax OpticStudio is a software that enables optical engineers, researchers, and students to design, optimize, and analyze optical, illumination, and laser systems. It is widely used in various fields such as aerospace, biomedical, automotive, consumer electronics, and more. Zemax OpticStudio 29 is the latest version of the software, released in August 2023. It offers many new features and enhancements that make it easier and faster to create high-performance optical designs.


What's New in Zemax OpticStudio 29?

Zemax OpticStudio 29 introduces several new capabilities and improvements that enhance the user experience and productivity. Some of the highlights are:

  • Ansys Integration: Zemax OpticStudio 29 is now fully integrated with Ansys, a leading engineering simulation software. This allows users to seamlessly transfer optical designs from OpticStudio to Ansys for multiphysics analysis, such as structural, thermal, fluid, and electromagnetic simulations. Users can also import Ansys results back to OpticStudio for optical performance evaluation. This integration enables users to design more realistic and robust optical systems that account for the effects of real-world operating conditions.

  • Optical Machine Learning: Zemax OpticStudio 29 introduces a new feature called Optical Machine Learning (OML), which uses artificial intelligence to optimize optical designs. OML can automatically explore a large design space and find optimal solutions that meet the user-defined goals and constraints. OML can also handle complex and nonlinear problems that are difficult or impossible to solve with traditional optimization methods. OML can significantly reduce the design time and improve the design quality.

  • Improved User Interface: Zemax OpticStudio 29 has a redesigned user interface that is more modern, intuitive, and customizable. Users can easily access the most frequently used tools and features from the ribbon menu, the quick access toolbar, or the context menu. Users can also create their own custom tabs and groups on the ribbon menu to suit their preferences and workflows. The new user interface also supports high-resolution displays and dark mode.

How to Get Started with Zemax OpticStudio 29?

Zemax OpticStudio 29 is available as a desktop version or a cloud version. The desktop version is installed locally on the user's computer, while the cloud version is accessed online through a web browser. Users can choose the version that best suits their needs and preferences.

To get started with Zemax OpticStudio 29, users can download a free trial from the Zemax website. The free trial allows users to explore the full functionality of the software for 14 days. Users can also access various resources and events from the Zemax website, such as tutorials, webinars, case studies, blogs, forums, and more. These resources can help users learn how to use Zemax OpticStudio 29 effectively and efficiently.


Zemax OpticStudio 29 is a powerful optical design and analysis software that offers many new features and enhancements that make it easier and faster to create high-performance optical designs. It is integrated with Ansys for multiphysics analysis, it uses optical machine learning for optimization, and it has an improved user interface for better usability. Zemax OpticStudio 29 is a valuable tool for optical engineers, researchers, and students who want to design innovative optical systems that shape the world.


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