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How Much Is A Porta Potty To Buy

Now is a great time to make a porta potty purchase because the marketplace is competitive and there are a handful of proven manufacturers. PolyJohn is a dependable source due to our high-quality products, excellence in customer service and the best warranty in the industry.

how much is a porta potty to buy

This is your basic portable toilet seen on most construction sites and other industrial settings. These units provide a static-type waste tank and a toilet paper dispenser. Some include features like a mirror, hand sanitizer and coat hook. These units are the core of your fleet and should be built to last and pleasing to the eye. These units need to be able to withstand the rigors of constant loading and unloading, as well as heavy use in rugged construction and industrial environments. Units need to be durable, provide adequate ventilation, and be constructed of materials that can withstand all types of weather and the harsh chemicals used for cleaning.

Federal law requires in many applications that units provided are wheelchair accessible. These units are somewhat larger than a standard portable restroom and are equipped with handrails as well as enough interior space to allow a wheelchair to easily get in the unit and maneuver. These units also sometimes include a baby-changing station, hand sanitizer and other amenities to enhance the user experience.

The cost of a porta john for sale depends on a number of factors. For a new porta john, manufacturer, style and number purchased can play a role. You may be able to get a discount for purchasing a certain bulk number. For a used porta john, price can be influenced by age of the unit and condition.

Prices of portable toilets can vary and some factors that go into it are the prices of plastic resin at the time, cost of fuel, or where you live for freight cost. Here are some rough numbers for reference:

Many portable bathrooms can withstand 20-30 years in the field. Portable toilets are generally made out of plastic resins that are engineered to withstand the harshest elements. In addition, many portable restroom manufacturers have integrated design features that help the longevity of the units they produce (i.e. stronger door jambs, springs, corner extrusions, etc.)

PolyJohn Enterprises Corp. warrants the major plastic parts of its portable restrooms (plastic front, wall panels, roof, and tank) against any breakage or other problems that prevent the PolyJohn portable toilet from functioning in accordance with usual practices used in the portable toilet industry and in their intended manner. This warranty covers any damages in material or workmanship for a total period of 3 years (36 months). This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of the PolyJohn portable restroom. Proof of purchase, serial numbers, and photos will be required.

Estimates for portable toilet rentals can vary greatly depending on location, the economy and your business goals. Here are some ballpark rental rates for a single day or weekend event, as well as a long-term rental:

A great way to increase revenue for your portable restroom rental business is to offer add-ons. They are a win-win for both you and the customer because you make a bigger sale while the customer is able to better serve their employees or guests. The following are some of the most popular add-ons:

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Portable toilets also referred to as porta potties, port-a-johns, or port-a-janes are portable buildings made of a translucent roof, vents, and structure, housing a urinal, toilet seat, sink, and holding tank. More deluxe versions may contain flushable toilets or even showers. Portable toilets are most often used at construction sites, concerts, festivals, industrial sites, natural disasters, home renovations, and other outdoor events/locations where access to bathrooms is non-existent or limited. Porta potties do not use plumbing but come equipped with waste basins that are emptied and sanitized for re-use.

The national average cost to rent a portable toilet for a week is between $150 and $300. Most homeowners pay around $220 for a one-week rental of a flushable portable toilet and a sink for the holidays. At the low end of the spectrum, you will pay around $80 for a one day rental of a standard portable toilet. At the high end, you may pay up to $650 for a one-month rental of a deluxe portable toilet, plus maintenance twice per week and a sanitizer dispenser.

The average cost for renting a porta potty for one day is $80 to $175. Short-term rentals typically run for one day to a few days and include one service visit after the contract is up. Short-term rentals are common for outdoor weddings, events, festivals, backyard parties, and concerts. They are a simple solution for waste disposal for an event without access to restroom facilities.

When you need a weekend porta potty rental, you can expect to spend between $125 and $175 for the entire weekend. Depending on the company, this may be a two-day or three-day rental, and they may wait until Monday to pick up the unit without assessing any extra charges. This is great for weekend events, weddings, festivals, reunions, etc. You do get a significant discount compared to daily rates when you book a weekend.

Portable toilet rental costs drop significantly when contracted for long-term use averaging between $100 to $500 per month, with differences based on location, features, and delivery. You can expect to pay less for a monthly rental than a day rental because the highest price for the supplier is the set up and transportation. It is more cost-effective for the company the longer you keep the portable toilet. Therefore, they can charge you less for longer durations.

The type of porta potty you need will play a role in the rental cost averaging between $80 and $350. There are several different porta potty types on the market ranging from standard toilets to deluxe washrooms. Each one offers something slightly different. Depending on the occasion, one porta potty type may be more favoured over another. For construction sites or outdoor concerts, a standard portable toilet style is often the go-to choice. For weddings or other outdoor special events that require VIP treatment and comfort, a deluxe style or flushable toilet may be a better-suited choice. The chart below highlights the cost to rent a porta potty for one day based on the type, followed by an explanation of each, their use, and cost.

These standard portable toilets can be rented in a large quantity for the low cost of $80 to $125 per day. Standard portable restrooms can be found at most high-volume events, like concerts and festivals. Most feature reinforced walls, toilet, ventilation, a mirror, toilet paper dispenser, and an occupied/vacant sign on the door. They do not flush or offer many extra features.

The cost to rent a standard portable toilet with a sink is around $85 to $125 per day. Standard portable restrooms with a sink can be ideal for events or job sites where handwashing is required. These are a popular choice for outdoor festivals, concerts, or food vendor areas. These standard portable toilets feature everything in a standard portable toilet but also include a handwashing sink.

Flushable portable toilets have a price of around $85 to $150 per day for rent. Flushable portable toilets are a step up from a standard porta potty that includes a flushable toilet. These toilets are flushed using hands-free flushing via a foot-pump and feature a hidden waste tank. Additional features usually include a sink or a hand sanitizer dispenser. These types of toilets offer an increased level of comfort and convenience for users.

The cost to rent a high rise porta potty is $125 to $225 per day. High rise porta potties are standard porta potties equipped with a lift kit compatible with most standard cranes. Their heavy-duty wheels and handles make them easy to move to any location. These toilets are designed for construction job sites in high-rise buildings with no access to elevators, events in apartment buildings, or other events requiring toilet maneuverability. High rise porta potties are compact but equipped with a standard size toilet. They also feature toilet paper dispensers, privacy doors, and sometimes a sink.

The handicap porta potty rental cost is $150 to $225 per day. Handicap accessible washrooms may be required at your event or job site. These restrooms are easily accessible to those with disabilities by providing additional support such as handrails 1 and anti-slip flooring. These ADA porta potties are roomier and offer an oversized door and ground level floor access. 041b061a72


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