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on the playstation 3 version, when ezio and rodrigo are beating the tuscan bullies near campomulese with their rakes, the cast members are portrayed by the stunt performers that were used in the motion capture scenes for assassin's creed iii.

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ezio lies to aveline in the beginning of the game saying that they are leaving the assassin's path of revenge behind. after the events of the italian job in 1355 though, ezio is drawn back to the path of vengeance when aveline asks if the events there made him turn his back on the assassin's creed. this is reversed in brotherhood, when ezio is convinced to destroy the assassins and start his own mission, as he refuses to be a part of the world of "assassins killing their own". [27]

ubisoft has long been running an unannounced assassin's creed game which has been found inside the watch_dogs 2 credits sequence. ubisoft reflections is the other company which has designed games for the series. in the credits, the company which performed the motion capture used in the game is shown as ubisoft motion pictures to give a clue that this is the same company. that motion picture company is ubisoft motion pictures.

in the earliest assassin's creed games, ezio was depicted with a full beard. in assassin's creed ii, ezio's beard became less full. ezio's face and character resembles the animated mario series. another similarity is ezio's olive-colored skin tone. during ezio's travels in italy, the people that he fights are often similar to those of the mario series. a notable example is with the super mario bros villains.


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