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Best Buy Schlage

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a capable, easy-to-install smart lock, a reliable performer in our tests, all of which earned it an Editors' Choice award here on CNET. Available in silver or matte-black for $230, it's easily one of the best smart lock options on the market.

best buy schlage


The coded smart lock I like the best is the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. With physical buttons that work regardless of the weather (or whether or not the user is wearing gloves), it's about as foolproof as coded locks get. It features one of my favorite smart lock designs, with a built-in fingerprint sensor and a sneaky front face that flips down to reveal the keyhole. Plus, the lock's built-in Wi-Fi radio was a top performer in my range tests, which might make it an especially good pick for a door that's a couple of rooms away from your router. You can sync it with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice controls, too, though Apple HomeKit isn't supported.

If your household includes multiple types of smart home devices, then your best bet is to control them all from a single smart home platform -- that way, you won't need to juggle multiple apps to keep everything automated. The most popular picks are Amazon Alexa, the Google Home app and the Google Assistant voice controls that come with it, and Apple HomeKit, which brings Siri into play. Samsung SmartThings is another option for a hub-centric smart home.

Your smart lock is going to sit right on the front of your home's exterior, so it's worth aiming for something you won't hate looking at. Some smart locks go out of their way to show off their gadgety features with light-up touchscreens, color-coded LED indicator lights and tech-minded designs. Others take the opposite approach, doing their best to blend in and look just like a standard lock, from the outside at least. Picking a preference between the two approaches will help you narrow your options.

We looked for locks that offer the best balance of convenience, security, and useful smarts while requiring as little technical complexity, ongoing management, or troubleshooting as possible. You can set up and manage almost all smart locks by using a companion smartphone app, and some smart locks can integrate with smart-home platforms and controllers such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings. Most smart locks can trigger other smart devices as well as automated actions such as turning lights on or off or changing the mode of a thermostat. In the past, many smart locks relied on a plug-in bridge or gateway, a device that would relay communications from the lock to your smartphone via your home Wi-Fi network. Such a connection allows you to control or manage your lock remotely. Our top two picks have Wi-Fi built in, which makes setup modestly less complicated and also means having to deal with one fewer device.

Schlage is the leader in security devices, trusted for 90 years, spanning commercial and residential markets. Commercial grade quality is built into every Schlage product. Schlage is on the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology and innovation including wireless security products and biometrics. Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions, with well-known brands like Schlage and Trane, delivers safety, comfort and efficiency to homeowners throughout North America. Products, services and solutions include mechanical and electronic locks, heating and air conditioning systems, indoor air-quality solutions, advanced controls, portable security systems and remote home management. For more information on these and other residential solutions visit,, or

One of the best aspects of the Schlage Encode's smart features is that you don't need a smart hub to access them. It has WiFi built right in, so it can connect right to your home's network without any potentially problematic intermediaries.

While most of the best smart locks come with in-built rechargeable battery packs that can usually be recharged using a USB-C cable, a few devices still require AA alkaline batteries or similar to be swapped out every so often. These are becoming less common, however, and smart locks generally don't use a huge amount of battery power at a time.

Owning one of the best smart locks is certainly a smart idea if you're prone to losing your keys, or you don't / can't want to open the door when the doorbell rings. They are also a good little boost to your home security system and best home security camera with many smart locks now capable of integrating through an app, plus Philips Hue, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

We reviewed three smart locks in this guide to include a best overall, budget and premium option. The smart locks which gets our vote for #1 is the Google Nest x Yale smart lock. Why? It's easy to use, very well-designed, and is controlled through an awesome app. A downside (and perhaps a deal breaker) is that you'll need to already be using Nest, or be willing to. If that doesn't sound like the best smart lock for you then we'd happily recommend with either the Schlage Sense Smart Lock or August Smart Lock Pro which are compatible with other connectivity's, although the app let us (and them) down in review. Read on to find out more.

The Nest x Yale lock is the best we've tested, although it only works with other Nest smart home products, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat and its range of home security cameras, including Nest Cam Outdoor.

If you're on a budget and have a lot of house guests when you're not around, the Schalge Sense is the best smart lock for you. Why? Because the app can generate (and delete once they've been used) codes so your guests can access the property without a key.

Not all smart locks integrate with all voice assistants, so check if a model is compatible if you already use a voice assistant and whether it will integrate with other smart home devices you own, such as the best home security cameras, video doorbells, and smart lights.

Keyless locks: These type of locks are priced higher than normal locks because it provides an advanced level of security that many people needed to protect their belongings. Often used by the elite section of the society and the government, these electronic locks are easy to fit and provide the best security possible. Two of the most popular types of locks are fingerprint type and locks with small keypads.

These are becoming increasingly popular because not only are they more attractive to look at but also easy to operate. You can make use of a lighted keypad to enter your safety digits rather than going in search for keys in the dark. Get the best in keyless locks from Schlage Sence, Schlage Touch, and lastly, Schlage Connect.

After nearly 12 months of searching, we have found the 25 best products of 2022. From headphones and speakers to shoes to smart home devices, all these things proved to be exceptional at what they promised to do.

To that end, we wanted to highlight why the products below excelled and who they might be right for. This list spans various categories and interests, picking out the best ones to highlight. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time.

Who it's for: Anyone who has been dissatisfied with other Apple Watch and iPhone docks should give this one a look. It's very simple in design, but its execution is flawless, making it a worthy consideration for anyone wanting the best nightstand dock out there.

Why it's great: I went looking for the best label printer to help alleviate using so much paper and ink when I was mostly printing return labels. The Rollo Wireless Printer was the most user-friendly option I found, and has continued to get better via software updates since its release.

Who it's for: I connected the Sub Mini to most of Sonos' speakers, and I thought it paired best with Beam (Gen 2) and Ray soundbars. It could also make a musical impact when connected with a stereo pair of Sonos Ones.

Who it's for: This is the go-to digital notebook that could work great for office workers, teachers or students. It's the best option for digital notes and a better combo than an iPad and Apple Pencil.

The Schlage Encode Plus smart lock claims to have dual data encryption that uses 128-bit AES. This means that no one but you should be able to access the lock or any of your personal data relating to the lock. However, the Schlage app is lacking two-factor authentication, a feature that can help keep your smart home safe and secure by alerting you to unwanted attempts to hack your account. Companion apps for some of the best smart locks, like the Wyze Lock, offer this user security feature.

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The best smart locks for Google Home are a wise investment for any smart home setup using Google Assistant. Not only do they keep your home safe and secure, but they can also be controlled remotely and give you access to other family members or friends easily without having to swap over the usual keys. We've picked out a few for you across a range of budgets. 041b061a72


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