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Buy Apoquel For Dogs !EXCLUSIVE!

References: 1. Data on file, Unique Patient Count from Launch, 2021, Zoetis Inc. 2. Data on file, Study No. A161R-AU-12-096, Zoetis Inc. 3. Gadeyne C, Little P, King VL, et al. Efficacy of oclacitinib (Apoquel) compared with prednisolone for the control of pruritus and clinical signs associated with allergic dermatitis in client-owned dogs in Australia. Vet Dermatol. 2014;25(6):512-e86. doi:10.1111/vde.12166.

buy apoquel for dogs

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I remember when Apoquel first hit the market. For dogs with chronic allergy dermatitis and uncontrollable itching, it was a godsend. And for one of my training clients, in particular, it was life-changing.

Just like immune-suppressing drugs used in humans, Apoquel is linked to an increased rate of infection in dogs. The most common infections are Demodex mange, ear infections, and pneumonia. It is because of the potential for serious infection that this drug cannot be used in dogs under a year of age who naturally have weaker immune systems.

When it comes to Apoquel versus Benadryl, chlorpheniramine and other antihistamines for dermatitis, there really is no contest. Antihistamines are considered to have little to no effect on itching in most dogs and are rarely recommended to treat allergic dermatitis. However, they are significantly safer to use than other drugs and might be worth a try for the desperate owner looking for a short term solution while they employ one of the alternatives listed below.

And considering that 70% of canine skin conditions are allergy-related, addressing environmental allergens is a good place to start. Of dogs who do suffer from allergic dermatitis, around 90% of them are reacting to an allergy in the air or from surface contact. The most common allergens are dust mites, protein in flea saliva, and pollen.

Immunotherapy works the same way in dogs as it does in people. Tests are done to determine what your dog is allergic to. Then your dog is given a series of shots or oral drops over the course of days to weeks to slowly introduce the offending allergen to their system. Over time, the number of doses is decreased and the amount of allergen per dose is increased.

This is your list of foods your dogs cannot have for the next few months. Your challenge now is to find a dog food that does not contain ANY of these ingredients. I would recommend looking for a limited ingredient diet that contains only one protein and one starch. If your list includes multiple common proteins and veggies, you may have to hunt for a food with less common ingredients like venison and sweet potato or rabbit and oatmeal.

Yucca and quercetin are also great natural alternatives to Apoquel. Yucca has an effect similar to steroid drugs without the harmful side effects. Quercetin is a plant derivative that acts as a natural antihistamine and is a great option for dogs whose itching is reduced by Benadryl.

Sorry, I got off on a story and forgot to ask what I meant to. In the lead-in, it mentioned yucca. Now I read the article and I did not see mention of yucca, what does yucca do for dogs? Thank you, I did enjoy the article by the way.

Hi Ashley, The best way to go is to feed quality raw food for dogs, especially if they are known to have allergies. Please read our article all about raw feeding here: -food-for-dogs-recipes-and-more/ Hope this helps!

From Karen @, Read your review I want to discontinue my 6 lb chihuahua off apoquel. and replace with omega supplements and the coconut oil. how did you stop the apoquel. I have put him back on grain free food , please feel free to e-mail me .thank you!

My 9 year old shiz tzu has been on Apolquel for several years. She was allergy tested and found to have a great many food allergies. Therefore I make her food, which consists of vegetables she is not allergic to and about a tablespoon of meat, such as salmon, which are not on her allergic list, and a special kibble. She gets Salmon oil and coconut oil in her food as well. I checked out Raw food and found all of it had combinations that included items she cannot have. Since she continued to itch on this diet it was believed she also had environmental allergies and was put on the apoquel, which has greatly helped the itching.

Thank you so much for the article just reading it we have good ideas to find the cause of our dogs allergies thank you so much and also good ideas of how to treat the symptoms without apoquel thank you so much

Nope the active ingredient is very expensive, as it under patent protection so it could not be used legally, though it is available.The workings of apoquel are something else, somewhat scary. The question you need to ask what is causing these problems in the dogs to begin with. Can it by Glyphosates in everything we and our animals eat. Good luck in finding the proper solution for your pet.

i was one of the first people whose dog was on apoquel. it was/is a miracle drug for a dog that had spent 6 or 8 years digging holes in himself due to allergies. otc does NOT work, at all. you can wash allergens off all you want, useless. realistically, you will need to chose between having a dog with little to no quality in life, to having one that does and may suffer side effects. my dog had no issues with it and when he was forced off of it because they could not get enough made due to how well it worked, his allergies were no worse than when he went on the drug. maybe they seem worse because you forget how awful they were. i never did. my dog never experienced any loss of energy or anything like that. i have never heard that from any of the people i know whose dogs have been on it. i suggest before you let your dog continue suffering from scratching themselves raw, you get poison ivy all over you body and do not treat it at all and then imagine living with that every day.

Hi Tina, We do offer 5 alternatives to Apoquel in this article. The alternatives are not other drugs, but actual suggestions that could be used to get to the root cause of the allergies, so that we no longer have to drug our dogs. I do not believe the article title is misleading.

I would hesitate to recommend ANY essential oils for dogs, but in particular peppermint oil- it is highly toxic to dogs, sometimes just from them breathing it! It is irresponsible to recommend this without a disclaimer. PLEASE include a disclaimer, before people are poisoning dogs by putting peppermint oil on them. I appreciate your article, I came to read it for a reason, but pleaae look into this.

Apoquel Film-Coated Tablets 5.4mg for dogs control itching associated with allergic and atopic dermatitis. It works to control the enzymes involved in allergenic reactions and provides relief within 4 hours of consumption. Itching is then effectively managed within 24 hours, providing your pet with a better quality of life.

This product is not for human use. Keep this and all drugs out of reach of children. For use in dogs only. Wash hands immediately after handling the tablets. In case of accidental eye contact, flush immediately with water or saline for at least 15 minutes and then seek medical attention. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical attention immediately.

Side effects are rare in dogs treated with Apoquel. In a 5-year safety review, the most common individual side effects reported were vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, and bloodwork changes. The most commonly reported side-effects occurred at a rate of less than 1 in 10,000 dogs treated.

Yet, we seemingly forget about the fact that many dogs struggle with atopic dermatitis from allergies, and the associated scratching and itching can leave them in a lot of pain and suffering. 10% of dogs suffer from atopic dermatitis - a chronic and incurable type of allergy due to an overactive immune system.

Apoquel oclacitinib is one of the most commonly prescribed medications to help treat inflammation and itching skin associated with allergic dermatitis in dogs. A tablet of Apoquel will take effect to stop an itch within 4 hours and Apoquel can provide overall relief from this allergic skin disease anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

The typical dosage for Apoquel is 0.4-0.6mg per kilo of body weight, or 0.18-0.27mg per pound of body weight every 12 hours, or twice a day - administered in tablet form. This dosage of Apoquel should be given for dogs at least 12 months of age for 14 days, after which your vet will likely reduce the dosage to once a day.

Clinical trials have shown Apoquel suppresses the immune system and Janus Kinase enzymes, the FDA only recommends it's used for up to 14 days. While helping dogs in the short term, extended suppression of the immune system can lead to devastating effects. Our poor dogs become victims to exacerbate neoplastic or infections like demodicosis.

As well, in some cases, dogs have overdosed on Apoquel, causing permanent damage and some cases have even died from taking it. Apoquel can cause existing parasitic skin infestations to worsen that will require antibiotic or antifungal treatment. Be sure to closely monitor your dog when administering Apoquel and if you notice any concerning signs, immediately call your animal healthcare professional.

Apoquel is not recommended for many dogs due to the sensitive nature of immunosuppressive medications. Apoquel can quickly open your dog up to a host of diseases, serious infections, etc. because their immune system is too weak to fight them.

Apoquel can put these dogs at greater risk by increasing the chances of infections developing, promoting the growth of pre-existing cancers, and worsening already existing parasitic skin infestations.

Zyrtec is a popular second-generation antihistamine first prescribed to people. However, more and more veterinarians have started prescribing it to dogs in pain with pruritus caused by allergic dermatitis.

As well, Zyrtec like Apoquel will not cure atopic dermatitis in dogs - only manage it while they are on the medication. This goes for all allergy medications, which means they will likely have to be on some form of medication for their entire life. 041b061a72


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