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Endless Space 2 WORK

Endless Space 2 is set in a universe that was long ago dominated by a powerful race called the Endless. Inquisitive and dedicated, the Endless were able to make great advances in the fields of science, which culminated in them achieving virtualization, allowing them to upload their minds into machines and giving them eternal life. This created a great schism in their society, splitting it into two opposing factions, the Virtuals, who embraced electronic immortality, and the Concretes, who viewed it as an abomination. The quarrels quickly grew into an open war, called the Dust Wars, which essentially destroyed their society, leaving but a few splintered surviving individuals.Tens of thousands of years after the demise of the Endless, the galaxy is yet again thriving with life capable of interstellar travel, picking at the remains of the once great Endless empire. The player takes control of one of the 12 major factions, "each with their own asymmetrical gameplay, storyline, homeworlds, spaceships, heroes and technologies".[2]

Endless Space 2

The player can design ships. There are three classes of ship hulls: small, medium, and large, which are unlocked as the player climbs the appropriate research tree. Larger hulls have more health, manpower capacity, and module slots, but require more resources and time to build, and take up more space in a fleet. Each ship has support and weapon modules, where players can equip certain weapons and buff-granting support modules. Each weapon has different stats and ranges. There are three ranges: short, medium, and long. Each weapon has a certain accuracy at certain ranges, with poor accuracy resulting many missed shots, lowering damage. Certain weapons have special properties; for example, kinetic weapons, while ineffective at long range, can attack incoming missiles, fighters, and bombers. Beam weapons, on the other hand, have relatively low damage output but are unaffected by range, making them incredibly consistent.

Endless Space 2's journey is just beginning. The lifecycle of a 4X strategy game starts, if you're lucky, with a promising set of foundations. After six months in Steam Early Access, Amplitude's stylish game of galactic conquest enters a competitive field with much to distinguish it. It isn't the broadest or the deepest space strategy game available right now, but it is perhaps the most pleasant to spend time with: an atmospheric afternoon-killer that blends strategic decision-making with beautiful presentation.

Endless Space 2 inserts you in the leadership role guiding a civilization when it makes its first steps into the dark depths of interstellar space. You discover ancient races and their secrets, explore fantastic star systems, develop powerfull new and advanced technologies, and meet new life forms to understand, to court or to conquer.

Parents need to know that Endless Space 2 is a downloadable strategy game focused on galactic exploration and expansion, exploitation of resources, and extermination or rival factions. Combat plays an essential role but involves no graphic violence. Players see ships shooting each other in space and simple holographic representations of tiny soldiers lining up on either side of a battlefield and shooting each other in ground wars but with no blood, gore, or dead bodies. It involves alien species and planets, but most players will easily recognize the types of civil conflicts that take place as well as their triggers, including territorial disputes, economic upheaval, opposed ideologies, rapid technological advancement, and religious aggression. The game leaves moral judgment and strategies up to the player, providing various options and routes to victory -- some decidedly more antagonistic than others.

In ENDLESS SPACE 2, players control an empire and explore and colonize the galaxy. First they choose a civilization, with characters ranging from peaceful knowledge seekers to a narcissistic trillionaire named Horatio who wants to seed the universe with clones of himself. Then they set parameters, including galaxy shape and size, the skill of competing computer-controlled factions, and the speed of play. Then they take to the stars, engaging in tactical play that spans multiple systems and planets. You'll need to send out probes to find new star systems and colonize habitable planets with special spacecraft, all while researching new technologies and carrying out construction projects on planets within your empire. Eventually players also will design and deploy fleets of ships to combat rival armadas, either to expand into their territory or protect your own. Players win if they conquer the other factions or get the highest score, but they can also win by focusing on scientific research or building a strong economy. An eight-player multiplayer mode lets you play against other people rather than AI.

But different factions function differently, meaning the game plays very differently if you play as the science-loving Sophons or the insect-like, resource-ravenous Cravers. And a quest system nudges you along specific paths, helping you focus on key short-term goals rather than become obsessed with simply building up an economy or expanding to as many planets as possible. That said, this is not quite as polished as other strategy games with bigger budgets. While the space vistas are undeniably pretty, there's not much eye candy beyond planets, stars, and ships. And while it's surprisingly approachable for such a complex game, certain parts are poorly explained and could prove frustrating for those new to Endless Space or to strategy games in general. That said, there's loads here to recommend for turn-based strategy fans -- and even more for fans of sweeping, interplanetary science fiction.

  • Pilgrims A group of scientists and explorers, unhappy with the United Empire, hijacked a mission to an outer planet and set up an independent government. They refused the heavy corporate hand of the Empire, preferring to eke out their living on the edge of known space. Aided by the Sophons, this splinter group grew to become the Pilgrims. Accustomed to orbital living and constant movement, during the early years of their development they had a proportionally greater contact and familiarity with artifacts and remnants left by the Endless. They have come to view the Endless in a religious light, and a goal of their society is to one day discover the planet from which the Endless originated. Decoy Protagonist: The Pilgrims are introduced like this in the beginning of the game but players can pick any faction of their choosing right off the bat. They can also be mistaken for antagonists between the United Empire.

  • Demoted to Extra: In Endless Space 2, they only appeared as a member of Minor Race (ironically, able to be absorbed into United Empire) and a secondary citizen in Sophons. The latter is justified as Sophons has been instrumental in harboring them during their exile.

  • Everything Is An I Pod In The Future: Pilgrim crafts are a mix-match between the Sophons and the Empire. Being long, curvy strips of metal covering thin ones on the inside.

  • Space Cossacks: The Pilgrims are humans that choose to flee from the oppressive rule of the United Empire. In the gameplay, their faction is distinguished by their research and diplomatic capabilities as well as loyalists who want their people to be happy.

  • Amoebas A highly evolved form of a lowly species, these colorful beings come from an ocean world. Evolving slowly over millions of years with plenty of time to philosophize, it is not surprising that the Amoeba are diplomatic, cultural, and intellectual. Wise and urbane, they have an exceptionally high 'emotional intelligence' and are unusually open to other alien and intelligent species. Their goal is to travel, meet, and learn, though their relatively defenseless natural form has bred into them the need to turn all situations to their advantage, and to be in control of their destiny. Though the Amoeba do not feel that their nature is to dominate and conquer, they can be viewed as warriors whose weapons are diplomacy and trade. Astral Projection: All the Amoeba are able to project their minds outside their bodies, and some of them have done so their entire lives. However, if their body is killed, their projected minds will die as well. Because of this, their ships are designed to prootect the crew's bodies at all costs.

  • Demoted to Extra: Became a minor faction in Endless Space 2.

  • Famous Ancestor: The Amoeba are the devolved and re-evolved descendants of the Eaür, one of the three races that were part of the Conrcrete Endless.

  • Friend to All Living Things: Their main hat as a species.

  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: They were originally part of the Concrete Endless, and had a powerful empire to their name. Now they're a lowly, aquatic race barely a shadow of their former selves.

  • Mega-Microbes: Like its namesake.

  • Organic Technology: Amoeba spaceships look more like sea creatures than vessels.

  • Proud Merchant Race: Probably a Reconstruction. A species who takes to honest trade over war will more likely be a species of Nice Guys rather than The Barnum.

  • Hissho The Hissho are a modern and civilized people descended from avian DNA. However, they are avian in the way that many species of dinosaur had avian characteristics; in fact, they are not unlike feathered pterodactyls. A race of highly competitive tribal warriors, their history is one of bloodshed, conquest, vengeance and domination. While this has created a very hardy, aggressive, and dangerous people, it has also slowed their advancement and limited their numbers. When they did reach the stars to find other peoples waiting for them, their reaction was to conquer and dominate. Their innate and learned sense of flight makes them superior pilots. Bird People: The Hissho's Avian ancestry is emphasized from their bird-like appearance.

  • Demoted to Extra: Became a minor race in Endless Space 2 with being a minor citizen in United Empire. The Bus Came Back: As of Supremacy Expansion, Hissho is now a major race with its own unique features involving Keii, a unique resources that can only be received through combats, which unlocks special abilities of Hissho's fleets and maintain order within their controlled systems. Their role as a Minor race has been taken by a subspecies, the Yuusho.

  • Destroy the Abusive Home: If the Hissho discover Sykagoja, they're given the option to either ignore it, or try and take it over, as an indirect way of getting back at the Endless.

  • The Empire: While certainly more honorable and more centralized than the United Empire, the Hissho also make no secret their desire to conquer the entire galaxy, if only for the glory and honor the conflict would bring.

  • Everything's Better with Samurai: Combination of Proud Warrior Race and Japanese aesthetics made every Hissho as Samurai warriors.

  • Feudal Future: Played down compared to the UE, but still has a presence. In-lore it's explained that while modern technology has mitigated the feudal aspects of Hissho society, it's still present in the form of various brother and sisterhoods that stand by certain ideals, and have a prominent presence in Hissho affairs of state.

  • Forever War: In Endless Space 2, they run off a resource called keii (honor), which is usually only obtained in relatively fair battle and expended whenever you settle or conquer a colony. While they are capable of peace and diplomacy, unlike the Cravers, they still need something to fight or their society will stagnate.

  • Human Sacrifice: In the sequel, the Hissho have an in-game mechanic that allows them to sacrifice a population for some given bonus, though its indicated to be voluntary on the part of the sacrificed.

  • Mile-Long Ship: The expansion in the sequel, Supremacy, features Behemoths, giant multipurpose space ships, and the Hissho in particular have an affinity for them, as their intro shows one of them accidentally reactivating one with his sword during a fight. They get one for free and gain more keii from battles around them.

  • Proud Warrior Race: Being descended from tribal warriors, and having been modified by the Concrete Endless to fight in the gladiatorial arenas of Sykagoja, their entire society and history is based on warfare and honor that tend to make them good fighters at the price of scientific and numerical aspects.

  • Space Romans: Essentially Feudal Japan with elements of the Aztecs thrown in.

  • Uplifted Animal: A rather dark example; they were uplifted by the Concrete Endless to serve as gladiators and slaves. A Virtual invasion during the Dust Wars allowed the Hissho to escape from Sykagoja and return to Uchi, their homeworld. Those that remained on Sykagoja became the Yuusho.



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