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Julius Kondratyev

Adobe After Effects CC 2018 V15.0.1.73 Crack Download [PORTABLE]

Hi Gerald,just as another point of reference from another end user. We are using the v1.0.9 OCIO 2017 pateched plug-in in CC 12.2 through 2018.1 on Win 7 and Win 10 without issue. Brendan patched in July 2017, after we saw a fatal crash similar to your description when we rolled up from AE v14.2.0.198 to v14.2.1.34, this issue started in v14.2.1.34 and was fixed. The fix version has worked for us in older versions and CC 12.2 to We use this in wide deployment on lots of machines and render farm. The 2017 crash was fatal, but we've had no issues since the patch.I also just tested the newly posted 2/5/18 build v1.1.0 in 2018.1 v15.0.1.73 and it seems to be stable, for me anyway. I'll push v1.1.0 into wide deployment and will update if we experience any issues in production with it.I realize this probably doesn't help you solve it, but wanted to let you know that in our environment we're not getting the same issue.Best,Adam

Adobe After Effects CC 2018 V15.0.1.73 Crack Download



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