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Talapatra Nidhi Telugu Pdf Free Download

Talapatra Nidhi is a collection of ancient wisdom and moral principles in Telugu language. It is attributed to the sage Suka, the son of Vyasa, who is said to have written it on palm leaves (talapatra) and hidden it in a cave. The book covers various topics such as religion, astrology, medicine, ethics, politics, and social customs. It is considered as a treasure (nidhi) of knowledge and wisdom for the Telugu people.

There are many versions and editions of Talapatra Nidhi available in print and online. However, finding a free pdf download of the book can be challenging. Here are some sources that offer Talapatra Nidhi Telugu pdf free download:


  • : This website provides a series of blog posts on Talapatra Nidhi, covering various topics and chapters from the book. The posts are written in simple and easy to understand Telugu language. The website also offers a link to download the pdf version of the book for free.

  • : This is a popular platform for book lovers, where they can rate and review books, join groups, and discover new books. The website has a page for Talapatra Nidhi by Mythili Venkateswara Rao, who is a well-known author and translator of Telugu literature. The page has 229 ratings and 26 reviews from the readers, as well as a link to buy the book on Amazon. However, there is also a link to download the pdf version of the book for free from another website.

  • : This is a marketplace for digital collectibles, where users can buy and sell unique items such as art, music, games, and books. The website has a collection called Talapatra Nidhi Book In Telugu Pdf Free 187, which contains one item: the pdf version of the book. The item is listed for sale at 0 ETH (Ethereum), which means it is free to download.

These are some of the sources that offer Talapatra Nidhi Telugu pdf free download. However, before downloading any file from the internet, it is advisable to check its authenticity and safety. Also, it is important to respect the intellectual property rights of the authors and publishers, and use the downloaded files only for personal and educational purposes.


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