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Aerofly Pro Deluxe Add On Models NEW!

Ikarus Aerofly Professional Deluxe - Team International Edition Add On 4 is the Add On of the experts, with original models of the top-pilots Wolfgang Matt, Sebastiano Silvestri, Gernot Bruckmann, Peter Michel, Dominik Hägele, Petr Novotny, Oliver Wessel and Nico Niewind. Our brand new Add On 4 features 8 models from our "Aerofly Team International" pilots as well as 5 new sceneries. You now have the chance to try a model of a world-class pilot yourself. All models are exactly modelled like the real RC-model. Our designers worked closely together with each pilot to ensure the best possible realism and setup. Get the Team Edition 1 Add On and try these top-models yourself. As a special feature the sceneries Augsburg and Aspach feature our new Multi-Pano technology that allows you to switch between different positions in a photo-scenery during simulation. You will be amazed. Here is a list of included models and the respective pilot:

Aerofly Pro Deluxe add on models

Today, only the standardwheeled Cub Special is released to the public for instant download. The float and skis models are still being finalizedand will be released once all the gremlins are found and all the final touchesare completed. No date is set for thesetwo models, but they are already flying in the beta form.

I have been on the betatesting team for the FS2 models since the beginning and I find it interestingthat the simple little Piper Cub has received more attention than any of the other50 or so models that are flying and being worked on. Today, this Cub Special received the 22ndextensive visit by the developer.

There are many reasons forthis, but, mostly it is because we want this Cub to be Special and live up toits name. This is one of the few modelsthat the pilot can hand start and shut down to a dead stop.

With this AddOn you extend AeroFly with 18 new models and 5 fantastic photo-sceneries as well as many new features. Some photo sceneries feature our revolutionary Multi-Pano technology that allows you to switch between different locations in a photo-scenery during simulation.

All the aircraft in Aerofly Pro are customisable. You can change any number of settings. These include wingspan, dihedral, C of G and weight. You can alter each part of the plane (Or Heli) separately. This is an excellent feature as you can effectively fly your own models, with your own transmitter without the risk of crashing. The weather is also customisable, you can set wind speed, turbulence as well as fog and cloud settings.

If you decide to get this product, I would highly recommend visiting the website for any patches you may need. On the website you will also find extra scenery and extra models, most of which are free to download and simple to install.


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