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Shooty Skies

Before you begin shooting your way through the dangerous skies for a day, you might be tempted to upgrade your guns. This makes you more effective, of course, and will allow you to more easily try for high scores. However, your investment is actually just a rental. You get a couple of hours or so with the beefed up plane, so make the most of the upgrade while it lasts, and don't pay for an upgrade unless you plan to play for a bit immediately thereafter.

Shooty Skies

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Parents need to know that Shooty Skies - Endless Arcade Flyer is a basic arcade game where you help a character fly through the skies filled with cartoony aliens and other silly-looking bad guys that continually fire at you. The game has a retro feel to it: If you remember arcade classics such as Asteroids you get the basic idea. With one of the many types of guns, you can blast bad guys -- and they can eliminate you with flying objects -- but there's no blood, and characters break apart into tiny pieces. There are lots of opportunities to buy characters and weapons with real money, but kids can play without buying anything.

The creators of Crossy Road present Shooty Skies!Dodge, duck, goose and weave.Take to the skies!Take on a flood of colourful craziness filling the sky. Soar like an eagle, fight like a fancy octopus, shoot like the dickens!

The creators of Crossy Road present Shooty Skies! Shoot, dodge, duck, goose and weave. Take to the skies! If you ask yourself how to unlock the Secret Characters in Shooty Skies you will find the answers here. This is the complete guide. The Shooty Skies Secret Characters are Hipster Whale, Zombunnie, Pew Pew Pew, Sparkles, Drama Llama, Morty and Zombie Kitty. Two new Shooty Skies Secret Characters were added in the Black Friday Update: Monster Savings and Roddy Cat. Another 4 Secret Characters were added in the Christmas Update. Two more Characters are Ya Zi and Monkey King from the Chinese New Year Update. Another 6 hidden characters came with the Munchable Madness Update. Six more unlock-able characters were added with the Pirates Ahoi Update in April 2016. Four more secret characters were added with the Destination Mars Update in June 2016. We present you the Secret Character Unlocks we already found. Feel free to discuss the other Unlocks and your experience with us to complete the guide:


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